The official music video for the single 'Demons' from the first EP 'Nothing is Forgotten'. 

Stand Alone were formed in the Bradford/Leeds area of West Yorkshire in May 2013 after the breakup of their other bands. The three members; Gavin Stevenson (Guitars, Piano, Lead Vocals) Luke Harrison (Bass, Vocals) and Tom Durrans (Drums, Vocals) teamed up as they shared the same vision musically.

Unapologetically powerful, charismatic and tightly presented, ‘Stand Alone’ combine the driven, heavy rock influences of Biffy Clyro and Alter Bridge with outstanding musicianship, soaring melodies and close harmonies influenced by The Beatles and other close harmony groups. This is an important factor in the band’s music with the members believing that as they are a 3 piece it fills the sound in, especially in a live setting.

Their trademark audience engagement and boundlessly energetic live performances have already seen them capture the loyalty of the local audience which is ever expanding as they grace more stages with their infectious musical style and love of Heavy Melodic Rock.

Stand Alones’ songs speak earnestly about overcoming adversity, rising through rough times, and feeling uplifted regardless of your status or place in life. This reflects all the experiences each member has dealt with including anxiety and depression.

The band are a very experienced live act and have gigged extensively together, taking in many cities up and down the UK. They have gained a fantastic live reputation locally and now are expanding further afield resulting in them being in demand for gigs. 

The biggest gig of Stand Alones’ career so far was playing at Leeds O2 academy to an audience of over a thousand people in January 2017. This marked a milestone and an ambition of each member playing in such a prestigious venue where their heroes have also graced. This isn’t where it all ends though; it’s only the beginning with the band thirsty for more and a need to play the biggest gigs they can and let everyone hear their music.