Unapologetically powerful, charismatic and tightly presented; ‘Stand Alone’ blend together: heavy guitar riffs, crunching bass lines and thunderous drums whilst still maintaining a definite groove that is quickly catching the ears and eyes of many audiences up and down the country.

Their trademark audience engagement and boundlessly energetic live performances have already seen them capture the loyalty of a local audience which is ever expanding as they grace more stages with their infectious musical style and love of Heavy Melodic Rock.

Stand Alones’ songs speak earnestly about overcoming adversity, rising through rough times, and feeling uplifted regardless of your status or place in life. This reflects all the experiences each member has dealt with including anxiety and depression.

The band are a very experienced live act and have gigged extensively together, taking in many cities up and down the UK. Having played the 02 academy in Leeds twice in the past year to a packed house the band are quickly expanding the fan base and becoming in demand for gigs.