What happened?



And just like that 5 and a half years of hard work was up in smoke. I’ve been dying to scream the first word of this blog into a couple of people’s faces recently as things took another turn to try and derail what is already a fragile state in this band at the moment.

I’m just glad I can rely on some loyalty and friendship in the form of our monster drummer Tom and manager Dave.

It’s been a massive help to have him back us throughout all of this. He’s a level head in all of this, a sounding board and generally a guy who wants the best for us and sees the potential in this band. He can be hard but its for a reason and me and Tom are massively grateful for his work and guidance.

I’m glad that we have had each other to keep up appearances and just keep ourselves from going completely mad.

Just why would you leave after the hard slog is starting to pay off a little bit and the gigs are getting better in stature and attendance? We were/are selling merch and music. At the end of the day that decision is his and there is nothing we can do about it apart from MOVE ON.

Replacing Luke isn’t going to be easy. He wasn’t/isn’t ‘just the bass player’. He contributed great song ideas and was a good sounding board. He contributed a lot of the harmonies. He was a second front man. If we’d have let him he’d have been the role of everything in the band. Ha.

His commitment in the early years definitely couldn’t be questioned.

This stings even more because we weren’t just band mates originally, we were proper mates.

We had a meeting with our manager in December to discuss plans for the year and everything seemed fine. You try to pretend things are ok but now the news is finally here it’s a mixture of emotions. We knew it was coming, the only surprise is that it didn’t happen sooner i guess.

But when the dust settles it won’t be years down the drain because me and Tom (and Luke) have still worked our ass off and are still continuing to do despite everything going on around us and the odds been stacked up against us. There WILL be someone to step in because there always is. No one is irreplaceable, no one has the right to just do what they want within the band. It’s a 3 (well 2 at the moment) and should remain like that. Everything should be done for the good of Stand Alone and not for any of the member’s egos. Things need to be said sometimes and that is always going to hurt someone because it’s not possible for everyone to always think the same thing. You always go with majority and if you can’t go with the majority I guess you get the fuck out.

When you allow outside influences to cloud your judgement on anything then that becomes a tricky situation for all involved because it affects everyone even if people can’t see it. And in truth things do change, that’s life isn’t it?

But people change and I guess we all have over the past 5 years. People come and go throughout your life and this is another of those situations. Obviously there is always Luke’s side to all this and me and Tom aren’t and weren’t ever blameless obviously. Being in a band is like a weird marriage and it can’t always be plain sailing and often it doesn’t end well. How can it really? Because the ones left are hurt and confused while the ones who leave are obviously not happy within the unit. All I can say now is we wish him the best in the future in everything he does but it now means going our separate ways.


So it’s time to enter chapter 2 of Stand Alone…

That statement daunts me but it also excites me. As it stands me and Tom are doing 3 peoples work and it’s stressful but we have also enjoyed it in a warped way. The band belongs to us again. I guess you could say that me and Tom are usually if not always on the same page. We work well together. So we’ve toyed with the idea of maybe getting someone in to record and play while we make all the decisions. I’m not sure we will go with that idea but we have the option should we not want to lose the reigns again.

The person who comes in has to gel with us and have a good stage persona. Then we hope they can contribute some great ideas to the songs. Either way there WILL be an album this year as we are already about to start recording. I can’t wait to get in there and get this going. It’s the best stuff that has been written in this band so far.

We can keep the wheels in motion for the time being as we are lucky to have our good friend Mark Lewalski standing in for us and doing an awesome job. We keep trying to convince him to try out for real but he’s just not at that time in his life to commit 100 per cent to it all the time. We will enjoy playing with him though until then, he’s a fantastic musician and he’s already contributing some great ideas to the live set and even possible new song ideas!

Now it’s time to put this behind us and start the year properly. We had a great set at Rockmantic and that made us realise that we can still do this. There will be teething problems but Stand Alone isn’t over. It is only just beginning. Everything happens for a reason and that will come to light sooner rather than later. See you out at a gig soon and keep your ears out for new material.

Thanks as ever for reading.