Keeping the momentum going

Hey guys, what an up and down month this one has been! It has epitomised exactly what I was saying in my first blog. I’ve gone from been on it every day with the band to not giving a fuck about it the next. I do annoy myself sometimes. I spend my days in school teaching music and telling students that if you keep positive and don’t let frustration boil over you improve much quicker and see results. Why don’t I always follow my own advice then? I keep positive and things are going good then the next something happens and it makes me question everything again. I think it’s because it means so much to me, I don’t want anything to be half arsed, I don’t want us to make stupid mistakes and I want the opportunities to develop our band. There is so much potential there.

Anyway, at the start of the month we got the video back for our next single ‘Never Stand Alone’. It looks awesome! It is such a step up from our last one. The subject matter is really close to my heart and the way Adam has portrayed the story in the video is absolutely on point and incredibly impactful. It was a great day filming and flowed great. We also had 2 great actors who were incredibly professional and delivered quality performances. I can’t wait for everyone to see this and the word from the people that have seen this so far is that it could push us up that tiny bit to the next level.


Who gave me the camera?!?!

Who gave me the camera?!?!

While we wait to sort out when the single and video will be released our first single and video ‘Save You’ is starting to rack up the YouTube views. We are pushing nearly 5k now which is great. I feel grateful that it’s been seen by anyone but this is a nice bit of momentum that we are picking up now and it is driving us on to that next step. So to anyone that has watched it, shared it or commented on it; thank you so much.

Now to a frustrating week…

We wanted to take part in a competition to play download festival. (Obviously, who wouldn’t want to play there?!) In order to do that we needed a live video of ourselves in order to enter. We had phone recordings but wanted to go a bit further and have a better mix of the audio. Luke is really good at mixing our stuff so he was hands on with the idea. It was a great idea in theory but we filmed it in our practice space and not at a gig. We didn’t have long to film it because the deadline was a quick turn around so it was really our only option. However, It took us 3 hours to set all the shit up and then after that we couldn’t really get the energy going in the room that we would have liked, we were all knackered and getting pretty pissed off with the whole situation. It was all too rushed and it was one of those nights where I felt nothing was accomplished. We entered with a phone video after all that!

The night after we went to Doncaster to play an audition gig for JM promotions. Jimmy is a good guy and is very enthusiastic about his music. This was the second time we had gone to audition though so we were hoping this time we may catch his eye and he might put us on one of his gigs. There were some good acts there especially one band called ‘Palmes’. They were so tight and had great songs. I really enjoyed their set and hope to play some gigs with them soon. You should definitely check these guys out!

We felt that we put on a great performance just as we had done the first time we played. The gig was aided by the fantastic sound in the venue. This is so important when we are playing as we are harmonising a lot so if we can get them on point it makes for an all-round better show from us. However it was not to be. It can’t always be your band that gets picked obviously but how often can you play for free with nothing to show for it? Sometimes I think certain promoters just don’t fancy your band and that’s fine. No point flogging a dead horse as they say, we don’t have time to waste as we all work day jobs and need to use our time wisely.

So, a frustrating week all in all but as usual you have to pick yourself back up and carry on. And what better way to do that than to have a band ‘meeting’. A nice few drinks out and a relaxing evening where we can discuss other things as well as the band. I think it is vitally important to have time together just as friends and to remember you are friends and not just band members. It made me feel a whole lot better and inspired. I played Tom some new demos on my phone and he was shouting his excitement in my ear which anyone who knows him knows that is just about as animated as he will ever get! It meant a lot in all seriousness though, I love creating the music but the first play to anyone always fills me with nerves and anxiety so to have that feedback was important to me.




Tom completely sober as usual...

Tom completely sober as usual...

Over the past few months we have become really good friends with a band called Deadlock Saints. We have played with them a few times and after feeling how passionate their fan base is and how mental they are we jumped at the chance to play Leeds with them for a Good Friday special! This gig felt different to normal for me before we even took to the stage. People I didn’t know of were telling me they had come out to see us and just giving out general good will gestures for the gig. Then while we were playing everyone was singing the words to our songs! Even songs that aren’t released yet and have only been performed live. That felt incredible and made me feel like at last we are growing this band and people actually give a shit about the music. It’s those moments there that make all the hard work worth it. I’m really grateful to the guys in Deadlock Saints for giving us the opportunity and hope to play more shows with them in the future.


Rocking out in Leeds!

Rocking out in Leeds!

I don’t think it’s a secret that it is really expensive if you take your band seriously and want to put ourselves forward. You need promotion, videos, recordings, merch, gear etc. The money has to come from somewhere and none of us are exactly rolling in it. We have houses, bills to pay and Wags with extremely expensive tastes! Well maybe the last one isn’t completely accurate but you get the picture. Basically we couldn’t do this on our wages alone so we do a lot of covers gigs in between all of this in order to be able to fund the band. God knows how we all put up with each other seeing each other that much, it’s a miracle we are still friends sometimes! The gigs can often be fun but I’d much rather just play our own stuff all the time. However, it’s allowed us to be able to do all of this so far and without it we just wouldn’t be able to so needs must for the time being. Just seeing the new video and listening to the upcoming EP makes me realise that it is and will all be worth it.

As I finish off writing this second instalment we have just come back from a music industry conference in Sheffield where we got to listen to a few industry guys give talks on their perspective and how to make it work in this day in age. It was a great event and gave us a massive insight into how to go about the next stages of our career. It’s not just about the music anymore, it’s the full deal. Everything has to be on point, playing the right gigs, having the right team around you and promoting yourselves in an interesting way that will stand out and get people involved. It’s a long process but it doesn’t have to be an instant hit anymore, you can build this for years and it’s what I intend to do. We met some great influential people there that have now heard our music and have offered to help us out in any way they can. This could be a game changer for us who knows? What I do know is that we are moving in the right direction!

Gav  x